Florida Sport Fishing

Sport or recreational fishing is popular throughout the United States, but nowhere are the opportunities as great as in Florida. The hundreds of kilometres of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico plus the myriad of bays, admissions and marshes provide countless opportunities for saltwater fishing. The thousands of inland streams, rivers and lakes provide a similar range of freshwater fishing opportunities. Everywhere you went in Florida, you see women, men and children hanging fishing lines from bridges, wharves, piers and shorelines. Rental fishing boats are available in almost every coastal city and on many inland lakes and rivers.

Florida Sport Fishing

Unless you are fishing on an authorized rental fishing vessel or authorized fishing dock, you will need a fishing licence issued by the State of Florida. Non-residents can purchase a 3-day licence for $7 (seawater fishing $30) or a 7-day licence for $30. Different licences are required for seawater and freshwater fishing. You can buy licenses at most fishing tackle stores.

Rental fishing boats are a great way to experience a fishing adventure in Florida. You won’t need fishing equipment, bait or a license. Just go ahead and have fun!

Large rental boats take 100 or more fishermen in the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico from many ports. They usually leave at 8 a.m. for four- or eight-hour expeditions. Some boats also leave at 1pm for four-hour afternoon expeditions. The half-day costs about $25 and the full day $40. Fishing gear and bait are provided. Take plenty of sunscreen creams! The crew stores your catch on the ice and cleans the fish back at the dock. Often, a nearby restaurant will cook your fresh fish and provide the snacks for a modest price.

Small rental boats also offer half-day and full-day fishing trips. They usually take six fishermen with them and go after the largest species of fish. These boats charge about $350 for a half day and $500 for the entire day. It’s about $60 or $85 per person if you split it by six.

Take advantage of a stay in your hotel in Miami to go fishing in the area, you won’t regret it.

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Bivouac and fly fishing

Thanks to Serge Rollo’s experience, who has placed his flies all over this part of the United States for more than 10 years, this trip is a “compilation” of the best spots in this mythical region for the fly fisherman.

On the program 10 exceptional rivers, including some mythical large rivers such as Henry’s Fork, Madison and Yellowstone rivers, but also more secret rivers to discover absolutely…

– 10 days of fishing.
– Month of August.
– The group is made up of 2 autonomous teams (1 Guide + 3 fishermen + 4X4 vehicle) to be able to adapt to the conditions of the moment and the expectations of each fisherman without disturbing each other on the rivers.

On an itinerant route of more than 3000 km, we will cross 4 grandiose and varied states and fish as we walk on renowned rivers such as the Henry’s fork or Madison and lost rivers inhabited by dream trout (Fario, Rainbow, Cuttthroat, Brook trout).

Sometimes small rugged rivers meandering through the plain and sometimes huge rivers in regular flow, variety and discovery will punctuate this itinerant stay in Bivouac.

Fully equipped for the organization of comfortable camps, your guides will take care of the kitchen, comfortable vehicle transport and logistics.

We have chosen to alternate the camps, sometimes wild and sometimes equipped, to guarantee a minimum of comfort and hygiene for all fishermen. Group atmosphere, friendliness and solidarity on the program.

Excellent period for ephemeral outbreaks (Pale Morning dun, Olives of all kinds, Chiro, Caenis………). It is also the time of the earthlings with locusts and flying ants. The surface activity is regular and fine dry fishing remains the most used during the stay, to the great delight of fishermen.

Thanks to a management based on no taking and thanks to the behaviour and exemplary spirit of American fishermen, the size of trout is impressive even on small rivers, between 40 cm and 60 cm (or more). This trip is an opportunity to fish for your record wild trout, the one many dream of in their passionate lives.

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